Sunday, April 17, 2005

Trial for e-mail posting...revolutionary!

Wow...I just e-mailed to my blog and it worked! That was great. At first I didn't think that it worked but it did! I love blogging now. Don't have much to say but knowing that other people can read my rather useless thoughts makes me happy!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Noro - Lotus

This is a beautiful yarn that was made for the new colors out this season. Only problem is I only have 3 skeins which is only 150 yards and I AM NOT buying more. What to do? What to do? Any ideas?
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Here is the notorious sweater at five rows in. The pattern is double seed stitch with is long and cumbersome but interesting. I am using Berocco Cotton Twist because of the pretty strand of simmery Rayon. If I finish before the winter it will be perfect weather and colors for immediate wear!
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Kyoto Euthanized...New Kyoto 4 started

Yesterday I euthanized my third pass on the Kyoto sweather from Knitty. This is my first sweater so this is a major commitment in time and emotional disappointment. The reason for the latest frogging was that the stitches were twisted while I knit. If I had wanted a mobius scarf that would have been okay...but this was just sad.

I started again today...5 rows in and everything is looking swimmingly so far....

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Last but not least my new felted shopping bag. This was inspired by the shopping bag in the Holiday Vogue Knitting 2004. I love VK magazine. I think I still need a charm for the middle....what do you think?
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Here is my Fraggle Rock Hat courtesy of I had to do the peace sign because to me this is reminiscent of Japanese fashion.
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Another beautiful shot from the Antelope Valley Trip last weekend...can spring be anymore beautiful?
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Beautiful Poppy on the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve...what a beautiful day it was
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Just a brief Intro

Who would have thought I would be a blogger? But I have to say I was inspired by the many bloggers before me and thought this would be a wonderful way to share my greatest loves...right now anyway....knitting and photography. Besides google has made this so user friendly that I couldn't pass it up....Thanks Google!