Monday, January 30, 2006

May I present the Knitty Committee...

So these are the knitty committee members. They were wonderful enough to pose for our group picture.

We meet once a month at work to knit during lunch. But knit talk happens every other day of the week, especially if we are sporting our new knitted attire. All the guys at my job stop by to ask (1) What the hell we are doing (2) Pretend as though they aren't interested (3) Try and convince us that they would also knit if it included beer consumption and (4) Ask us to either knit them a sweater or a vest out of Kevlar (bullet proof material). Just like a group of boys

This month we are doing a scarf swap and some will be donating to the Knit for the Cure so we are keeping busy. These are truly my knitting sisters. Knit on ladies!

Friday, January 27, 2006

My Olympic Event has Changed...but my Teams Allegiances Stay the Same

So I was going to knit the Peacock Feathers Shawl, but who was I kidding. My first time knitting in lace and finishing a shawl that measures about 80" in straight lace. Not even I am that delusional...well...

So I decided to look a little further and found this round neck lace pullover from one of my knitting magazines, Filatura di Crosa Fall/Winter 2004 Collection.

This is the magazine where I got my shrug idea from too. This will still provide quite a bit of challenges as (1) I have never done lace (2) I have never done this level of finishing (2) I have not yet finished a sweater. This will also allow me to bust some stash by using my Rowan Felted Tweed yarn for the top portion. The bottom may require new yarn though.

I was also happy to bring the Knitting Olympics out of the cyberworld to the LYS knitting world in Orange County. It is funny how close knit (hee hee check the pun) the online world much so that I forgot that some people don't even know about the Knitting Olympics. I told the shop owner at my local LYS and she said she was going to check it out.

I also have a special thanks for JenLa for granting my request for a Stashbusting Team Button.

This is my goal for this Olympics as well. I am glad I have all my online buddies to keep me company.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Creativity Validated!!

Oh happy day. I have to admit the day started out pretty crappy. Just a lot of unfortunate events culimating into a slightly bad attitude. I don't think anyone else noticed but I was not feeling very perky today.

One main reason was that I thought I lost my keys since I had not seen my main set since Sunday. I was kinda okay with it until I realized this morning that it would cost over $100 to replace my apartment and mail keys. I said because this is going to cost me an arm and a leg. So I resolved to find them by doing a full cleaning of my house. I ended up finding them under a pot holder in a drawer...very random. However, this did allow me to open my mailbox which had two VERY good things:

1) The two balls of yarn I need to finish my clapotis. This was a stashbusting project that I had to buy more yarn to bust. Kinda contradictory but what are ya gonna do.

2) I just found out the my photograph was selected as a finalist for the Photographers Forum Best of College Photography Annual 2006. Here it is if you want to see it. Out of 28000 photographs mine was in the top 5%. Who would have guessed? I will get published, for the first time, and could even win the 1st through 4th prize. Wish me luck because if I win, I am using my winnings to go to Stitches West 2006 in Santa Clara!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ohhh The Shame....I am Knitting Fugly

So I was searching around on knit blogs...which I have been doing way too much lately when I stubble upon You Knit What?, which is a blog that points out the uglier side of knitting. I don't mean knitting needle injuries or LYS I mean the ugly patterns that show up in Knitting magazines and yarn websites. Well, while going from post to post laughing every click of the way, I found that I TOO was committing Fugly knitting in my excitement about the Criss Cross Shrug (see this post). You can see their posting here.

Now, knowing that I was committing this atrocity you would like I would be intimidated by the laughter of 15 commenters agreeing with the blogger's assessment of my beloved criss cross shrug, but NO. I have pulled up my sleeves and will knit faster to finish and wear my shrug.

However, despite my dedication to finishing my fugly knit. I highly recommend this site as a daily read. It is amazing what they ladies come up with. I laughed for over 30 minutes. I mean speechless laughing! Just next time I will check to make sure my beloved knit project has not already been deemed fugly.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Everyone has to choose sides

Well I have Chosen.

I Team USA first and foremost but Lace Team USA is my competing category of choice. Even if the Peacock Shawl proves to be too much for this athlete my allegiances are strong and I will stay with lace. I have yet to solidify my choice as I technically should be stashbusting and the Peacock Shawl is probably too difficult. Some basic training over the next 15 or so days will be:

(1) Learn how to knit Continental Style - this will help with the speed of things

(2) Make sure I understand the pattern - Every athlete has to know the course they are about to navigate and cannot cop out just because the colors are wrong

(3) Make sure the pattern is a challenge - In the Olympics you are competing against the best in the World. The knitting Olympics is no different, well a little since you are really just competing against oneself for a gold medal button not sponsorship with Wheaties.

(4) Try and find a Stashbusting project - the more stash busted the better

(5) Tell others - This actually is already occurring and the looks are mixed with amazement, pity, and praise. I am a knitter and proud of it!!

Now to find the perfect pattern....

I am going to the Olympics...

Knitting Olympics that is. Yes, I, the Nubian Craftster is going to the Knitting Olympics. When I saw the post I debated on whether I should join or not. My common sense said no due to my obsessive personality, however, that said personality has won and I shall join for the hardest 16 day bootcamp knitting project for 2006.

Then began the debate of what to knit. Of course it had to be something I hadn't knit before and that posed quite a few challenges to keep me interested. I first thought I would do the lace leaves scarf from my future projects list as it was (1) lace (2) grafted (3) was pretty long so would challenge me time wise.

However, once again my obsessive personality has won over and I want to make the Peacock Shawl from Fiddlesticks.

This however is pure insanity. (1) I have not done lace before (2) I have not done lace before (3) the timeline is very limited for something like this (4) I value my sanity (5) I am trying to stashbust and may or may not have a yarn suitable for this (6) This looks like the mother of all patterns for me right now.

But....maybe I will be the Justin Gaitlin of the Knitting Olympics, surprising everyone with my Gold Medal Finish. Or just one of the people who make it to the Olympics but never quite medal, being lost in the crowd of 3 through 7 place winners but still a winner in comparison to all the people who didn't even make it. Who know but tonight I think I will make Gold with the Peacock Shawl. USA Lace Knitting I come!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Stashbuster Pattern - Criss Cross Shrug

Garter Stitch + Old Homespun Yarn in my stash = Criss Cross Shrug

I have been wondering what to do with all the Homespun I have in my stash. Walah!! This shrug. I was so excited to see it that I am blogging before work. A very big no no as I am notorious for being late.

Reasons I love this idea (1) I have been wanting another shrug (2) It is easy and a quick knit which is a must for stashbusting (3) I would actually wear it. (4) I have got to buy more Homespun for the project because apparently if you buy more Lion Brand Yarn, Needles, or the latest knit1 magazine you get one of these free...


I wonder if they come in different colors, because I could buy a LOOOOT of Yarn :O)

Now to get some time....

Sunday, January 22, 2006

I am not buying yarn but.....

I am buying knitting accessories. I found these great bags at TJ Maxx and they are perfect for knitting and making a fashion statement. When I saw them I absolutely LOVED them. I bought the large water tote and smaller earth bag for myself and the smaller water bag for my knitting friend up North. The sad part is my knitting accessories are starting to rival my stash. And look, I have already put it to use with my new clapotis!!!

Finished Object - Leaves and Mohair Scarf

(Click on Image for Larger View)

Yarn: Rowan KidHaze (70% Super Kid mohair30% Silk) and Berroco Cotton Twist (70% Mercerized Cotton, 30% Rayon)
Time: Way too long - probably 2 months off and on
Inspiration: Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer Issue Mohair and Leaves Scarf
Needles: Size 5
Yardage: Not quite a full skeing of KidHaze and barely any of the Berroco Cotton Twist yarn

This scarf was a bear for me because of the 3 color yarn for the leaves. They slowed down the knitting because I kept twisting them as I knit. Very annoying. I have to say it was a pretty fun pattern seeing the leaves materialize in the kid haze background. I think I will prefer to wear it this way like a Neckerchief because it rolls despite my blocking, which admittedly I am not that great at. The last pic is with my sister again. She is modeling one of my earlier projects.

Finished Object - Bobbalicious

(Click on Image for Larger View)

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick (Acrylic 80%/Wool 20%)
Time: 1 week
Inspiration: Bobblicious
Needles: Size 15
Yardage: 6 skeins = 108yd/98m per 170g skein

This was a pretty quick knit considering I am a very slow knitter. At first I wasn't sure if I liked the pattern but I did like the idea of making the bobbles. I started it the day after Christmas because JoAnn's was having a sale on the Lion Brand yarn. I knit during my week off at Christmas and finished it I believe on 1/4. It is very warm and VERY heavy. My sister liked it and is featured here modeling my knitwear. It looked better on her anyway...

Finished Object - Peacock Shrug

Yarn: Noro Lotus (57% Rayon/23% Nylon/12% Acrylic/8% Cashmere)
Time: About 3 days knitting, 4 weeks sitting before becoming a shrug
Inspiration: Filatura Di Crosa 127 Print Crochet-Look Capelet
Needles: Size 19
Yardage: 3 skeins = 165 yards

This project definitely go a second life as I was going to frog it on Wednesday. I really love the yarn and the colors so I wanted to accentuate the color changes. It started as the Crochet-look capelet from Filatura Di Crosa but I didn't think I would ever wear it. So I tried it on one more time and then I could make a shrug. Then i thought hey cool scarf....hence the dual life of a once froggable creation. Now this is my favorite accessory. May I present...Peacock.