Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ohhh The Shame....I am Knitting Fugly

So I was searching around on knit blogs...which I have been doing way too much lately when I stubble upon You Knit What?, which is a blog that points out the uglier side of knitting. I don't mean knitting needle injuries or LYS I mean the ugly patterns that show up in Knitting magazines and yarn websites. Well, while going from post to post laughing every click of the way, I found that I TOO was committing Fugly knitting in my excitement about the Criss Cross Shrug (see this post). You can see their posting here.

Now, knowing that I was committing this atrocity you would like I would be intimidated by the laughter of 15 commenters agreeing with the blogger's assessment of my beloved criss cross shrug, but NO. I have pulled up my sleeves and will knit faster to finish and wear my shrug.

However, despite my dedication to finishing my fugly knit. I highly recommend this site as a daily read. It is amazing what they ladies come up with. I laughed for over 30 minutes. I mean speechless laughing! Just next time I will check to make sure my beloved knit project has not already been deemed fugly.