Sunday, August 27, 2006

Today is my lucky day!!

Man, so much has happened over the weekend. I mean, nothing related to actually seeing people or existing in a community (remember future spinster here). I mean in the, I spent all time by myself sort of way.

1. I posted some stash on Destash for Cash and have managed to sell all but one item! How cool is that. I have already sent and collected the booty. Only problem is that is supported the next 4 items...

2. I bought yarn on Elann and Knitpicks for the first time. I know I just did the equivalent of changing from heroine to crack but everyone got an addiction mine is yarn, not necessarily healthy but definitely not deadly...I don't think. I will post the pictures when I actually get the new stash...I mean specifically project purchased yarn.

3. I bought 8 more balls of Queensland Llama Seta in beige, a light green, and a ball of purple for $1.98 per ball and some Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon for $2.94!!!!

4. I found a pair of $3.74 shoes that I love. They will match my green mimosa when it is complete. Now this is almost bigger than the $1.98 yarn as I wear a 12W. Shoeboxes are the next size up.

5. Last but not least...I have finished the back of the Green Mimosa! I feel like my own self managed sweat shop. I have imposed a 3 week deadline for finishing this project. So far I am on track but I think I will interrupt the mindless stockinette by making the Louisa Harding Easy Peasy Bag with the Sari Ribbon purchased during lucky moment number 3. See!!! I am trying to stick to my project on purchasing of yarn.

The only bad part is that my bronchitis is still here, I feel horrible and feverish and it has been 3 weeks. What did I do to you body to deserve this? Was it the fried chicken? the skipping gym workouts? the evil looks at the scale? What??? I just don't know! Whatever it was I don't deserve this. Gimme a break... k?

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Kim said...

Hope you feel better!

Ok, I have to see what those shoes look like, you better pose with them when you take pictures of the green mimosa!