Friday, October 27, 2006

Letter to my SP9 Pal

Dear Pal,

Thank you for you words of wisdom on the sock yarn size. However, as you can see I am a glutton for punishment and was not able to heed your warning.."USE THE BIGGER YARN, LUKE!!" because I had already casted on for the Pomatoumusee sock.

As you can see from the last post it is going well, but as you predicted a little slow as my fingers are not yet made for size 1 DPNs. Luckily I am not actually making a sock this time, but instead making gloves. Which comes with its own challenges as I have never REALLY made a thumb gusset or fingers so instead of meeting the challenge head first, I have decided to do another pattern repeat to stave off the inevitable new techniques.

As for you suggestion of the All Things Heather Sock have got great taste my SP9. I loved all the colors she had! I have been lusting over them at the Loopy Ewe and plan to buy some BIGGER size yarn when I finish this sock/glove. Which at this rate may not be until the end of November as the Christmas knitting that I have not started is weighing heavy on my crafting soul.

Think I can finish 2 hats, 1 cabled scarf, 1 lacey shawl, 2 wristlets, 1 felted hat, 1 hat with short rows, and a pair of fingerless gloves?

Yeah me neither. And for all of you who said yes, you are the people who just can't look away from an accident waiting to happen. Don't get mad because I outed you! I too am one of many who would have said "yeah, do it!". Why? Because I am masochistic that way. It's a sickness people!!!

Ok SP9 Pal, just thought I would send you a little impersonal letter to say thanks for the suggestions and the comments.

EDIT: Dear SP9 pal, Per your question in my last post, I LOVE teas. I actually wanted to be a tea sommelier at one time in my life. I have only heard of two restaurants in the U.S. that have such a position but one can hope. My favorite flavor is Early Grey. But I like to experiment and try new flavors all the time. fact I am going to have a cup right now. See!! My SP9 pal is full of inspiration.

Your SP9 Spoilee

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