Saturday, July 29, 2006

Feng Shui Weekend

Wow, this weekend has been highly productive and very good for my Feng Shui. I have gotten so much done and enjoyed the silence of the weekend with no where to be except where I want.

I did have a personal project this weekend and that was to redo my patio area. I was so eager to get started I forgot to take before pictures. Suffice it to say that it did not look as good as it does now. The mission was to redo the patio and stay within a $40.00 budget. Well that proved harder than I thought.

How I was Good - I found so many things at HomeGoods that I normally would have bought without hesitation but had to put back. All in all, I bought 5 houseplants - that I adopted from the unwanted bin for $.49 each, a table, and 5 plants for outside, 2 of which are flowering so they may be the first to die.

I also lucked out when the OSH guy gave me an extra bag of potting soil. Today I will take back the bag I actually bought and get my $7.99 back. I also got a break since the Dollar Store had nice $1.00 pots!

How I was Bad - I did the math and discovered that I had overspent by $10.00 despite all my good intentions. And with Murphy's Law in effect I got a notice from our apartment building that they are restuccoing the outside of our buildings so everything on the walls and balcony will have to be moved off for 3 weeks. Can you believe it? I finally am inspired to make my patio look nice and wammo they are redoing the STUCCO!!! Well, I might as well enjoy it while it lasts.