Thursday, August 24, 2006

Destashing - The four step and counting program

So have you heard of Destash for Cash? Well I have and I am trying to sell off some of mine. Given I LOVE my stash. It kills me to part with it, but I know that I must. I am a stuff hoarder and I admit I have a problem (first step, people!!) so I am parting with some parts of my stash (second step...taking action). If it goes well there may be more, but no promises. Here is what I have up for sale, so come take a look (third step...asking for help). Man, I am on a roll!!!

SOLD!!! - 4 balls GGH Velour Suede - $20.00

SOLD!!! - 4 Skeins Steadfast Fibers Marvelous Mohair - $25.00

SOLD!!! - 10 balls Jo Sharp Dessert Garden Aran Cotton - $27.00

SOLD!!! - 6 Skeins Rowan all seasons cotton - $25.00

SOLD!!!- 4 Skeins Mission Falls 1824 Cotton - $20.00

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ambermoggie said...

would you ship to Scotland I can paypal