Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Stash - How did it get so bad?

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So I got my annoucement that Tall Mouse was going to have a 40% off entire purchase sale today. Well, my mind began reeling. What would I buy? More Noro, some cotton yarn, some wool for felting, glitterspun? There were so many options until I started thinking about....The Stash. I hadn't inventoried the stash in months and never in the capacity in which I was about to embark and I felt bad about not knowing my inventory

Now don't get me wrong, I still went to Tall Mouse and searched for 1.5 hours for the special buy that I just had to have that I would wake at the crack of dawn and buy at the Saturday morning sale. But despite my search there was nothing. I was not overtaken with the purchasing urge as I normally am. Instead I was just tired and bored with the search. I ended up spending $5.00 on beads and velcro.

This lack of buying desire immediately peaked my guilt again and I began to inventory my stash, I took pictures of nearly every yarn I have. Now the picture above doesn't look like much but it takes up two laundry baskets.

I was embarrassed to even think about buying anymore yarn. I must bust the stash!!!

Thus my resolution begins... On this August 4, 2006 I, Monique, fight the urge to buy yarn as much as is possible for an obsessive personally and will bust at least half of this stash before this time next year. This includes any new yarn so that I am at 50% capacity by next year.


KeroppiJ said...

You go Woman!
How did you set up the photo shoot? The lighting and everything looks great!
Come take pictures of my stash too ;0)

diosaperdida said...

My yarn habit got so ...embaressing that I started just keeping it in the trunk of my car.

Talk about sneaking around like an addict...