Monday, September 04, 2006

Instead of Knitting....

Knitting Thought

I am thinking about future projects to knit. Yes, while I am knitting the green mimosa I am also dreaming about future sweaters, which all require future investment of non-knitting allocated moneys. Even better, instead of knitting on the green mimosa I am making flickr mosaics to compare the different yarns that I am thinking of.

Even worse is that this was not even part of my Future Projects List until today. Geesh! I need to finish before I plan for future projects. This would be an adder of $44.80 to the stash. Now...which color to knit?

Actual Knitting

On the Green Mimosa, I am working on the Left Front and am past the decreases and about 1/2 the way to finishing the side. This is boring stockinette so I am chomping at the bit to get to the lace. Not so hot about the seaming though.

To take a break I decided to knit up the Easy Peasy Bag from Louisa Harding with the Sari Ribbon I purchased on the cheap. I just need to seam and add lining and buy handles. Hmmmm....that actually means I am even not close to finishing and have 75% more work to put in it as it was pretty much stockinette stitch on 15's but at least the knitting is done.


Skylar said...

Which color?

I love the green or the beige!

I can't seem to get the Flickr mosaics to show up on my blog when I try to create one. Hmmm...


The bag is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished product. x

Jeanne said...

Hey, I've knit that!

All of the colors are pretty, but I would go either with the cream or the pink, just because I think you'd get more wear out of them with jeans (which is how I always think of my knits -- "would this look good with jeans?"). Plus, if you're already doing Green Mimosa, you should knit something non-green, right?