Sunday, September 24, 2006

Nope...Still No WIP Pics but Check These Out!

But have you seen these double pts from Blue Sky Alpaca? I know I may be late to the game on this but I am loving the case. I know that is no reason to spend $28.00 for a set of double pts, but I think Blue Sky has a winner with this really beautiful looking case. If it came down to it in my LYS and they had these, I would probably dish out the extra bucks for them. But since I have not seen them in person I can resist by pretending that they are an online mirage that I will click away from and they will disappear.

And like that...they were gone.



Hehe... online mirage! I agree, the packaging does make it VERY tempting.

Nik said...

I absolutely LOVE Adrienne's ('cause we're on a first name basis [I wish!]) designs. i have the book you posted about and have wanted to knit one of the designs for ages. Maybe I'll make it as a special winter treat for myself.