Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bad Blogging Does NOT a Bad Knitter Make

So I have not been as diligent in my updates. Everytime I see another bloglines update from my fellow knit bloggers, I feel a little guilty. However, I am reading their blogs while trudging away at the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I finished the Left Side on Wednesday at my SnB meeting and immediately casted on for the right as I am now obsessed with finishing. Besides I need to finish this jacket soon cause the weather is getting chilly, so much so I kinda wanted a scarf around my neck during the night tonight. However, I am in Southern California for Pete's sake and I feel a little silly having a scarf on in September.

I am also not a very good polygaknitter. My green mimosa is calling out to me for seaming which I promised myself that I would do this weekend. Actually that promise doesn't really count because there was no one to keep me accountable...hee hee.

I am also a lazy sewing crafter, because instead of doing a little hand stitching for my bag, I decided to get a Singer Stitch Sew Quick at Target for $14.99 to do the hard work

In conclusion, I have no knitting pictures or real knitting content but like a true knitter I am putting the knitting first! So I declare...Bad Blogging Does NOT a Bad Knitter Make!

Come back soon for some finished pictures...or at least some better WIP pics


Skylar said...

Unfortch, I won't be at Wednesday's meeting, but I can't wait to see your progress. I simply love that jacket and you picked a great yarn!


That little hand-sewing thingy looks great. Let us know if it works (or is the knit too bulky)?