Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Finished Object: Sunrise Circle Jacket

Yarn: Elann Highland Peruvian Wool - Harvest Heather
Inspiration: IWK Sunrise Circle Jacket
Needles: Size 7
Yardage: 10.5 Balls
Modifications: Knitted the Hem as I went for the sleeves and bottom of the back
Enjoyment Factor: 8
The Good: Loved the construction of this jacket, it was amazing to watch it come together. I also liked that the sleeves and the front were knitted as one piece so you didn't have to seam and it felt like I finished so much faster
The Bad: The nothing much. Guess I could say the M1L and M1R kinda got tedious after a while. I have to say that my KnitPicks Options Needles saved the day because they are so sharp they make this a lot easier.
The Ugly: My seaming. This was the first time I had to really do any serious seaming and my mattress stitching, although easy, started to become a little crooked toward the end, I had to make up for it with some MacGyver techniques. But you can't really see it so its okay. My crocheted loop aren't the best either. I may have to redo them sooner or later
Knit Time: September 12 - October 11

I loved this pattern. It kept me going for one month straight. I couldn't wait to finish. In fact I nearly killed myself in the pursuit. The construction of this was ingenious and well written for even the novice knitter. I have to say that all the tips given by my fellow SCJ KAL members was indispensable. There were warnings of the sleeves being too long and that worried me throughout the process, especially because my gauge was not quite perfect. But I said my prayers to the patron saint of knitting (is there one?) and kept my needles going in the hope that this would not be my first and possibly last knit sweater. However, it all worked out in the end and I couldn't have planned for a better fit. You can check out the modeled photos here.

The Details

The buttons were a bit of a trial. I had originally planned to use some stone buttons that one of the SnB members makes, but since she would not be at SnB this week I was possessed with finding a replacement. 2 hours in JoAnn's later I found the perfect substitute. These buttons are a great match in my opinion. The placement was a little more trial and error but finally came together nicely.

The knitted hem was ingenious. I would have hated to do all that seaming post-knit so the knitted hem was an answer to my prayers. It came together like butter as my needles slid through each stitch marrying it together. Can't wait to do it again!

I have to say that I love my first finished sweater. I have already worn it this morning but it is a little too hot to be sporting it all day. It is a little fuzzy due to the heathered yarn but seems to stand up pretty well so far. Next will be to get in action photos to show the fit, but no promises on when that will happen since photographers are scarce in my world.

Next Knit: Fetching gloves


kate said...

It looks lovely! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Skylar said...

Wow, what a beautiful sweater and great photos! Well done, my dear!

knitannie said...

beautiful photos, yours is the first that looks like the original. I love that colour.

Nicole said...

Beautiful! Is this truly your first sweater? Bravo! You also did a lovely job photographing it.

gina said...

That is gorgeous! I think I might want to knit that now. Did you find the required yardage to be accurate? I'm wondering if I could squeak by with 11 balls instead of 12.

Anne said...

Beautiful - I wish I'd picked up the tip about knitting the hem in in time... still, it didn't take too long.

I love the buttons you've chosen.

shirley said...

Your sweater is absolutely beautiful! What a great color, I'd wear that in a heartbeat.

Nora said...

WOW! Your knitting is flawless.

Sarah at Advancing the Plot said...

Your jacket looks beautiful. Thanks for the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am finishing up the back now so I should be done very soon. I am not looking forward to the seaming, though, never fun!