Monday, October 09, 2006

It's 4:38am. Do you know what your knitting is doing?

I do. It is laid out in triump as I finally finished seaming my Sunrise Circle Jacket. I normally am not this obsessive with finishing a project but the adrenaline was so high I didn't realize it was so late until I looked up and it was 2:00am. At that point I wasn't tired and just kept going. Now the the jacket is seamed, adrenaline has worn off, and the sleepiness has set in.

Which present the problem of work. I normally go in later around 9 am but since I am already too far into today to get the sleep I should have started on yesterday, I decided it would be best to forgo sleep and drag my sleepy booty into work so that I can leave early and crash.

I am consoled by the fact that I can now stop worrying about whether my sweater will fit. I don't think I could have planned it to fit any better that it did. I was worried the entire time as the curve and build of the sweater made it far too hard to imagine the fit. I pretty much had to just keep going and hope for the best. I am not 100% finished because I still need to get the buttons but the hard part is over. Now I get to accessorize!!

I probably won't have pictures until this weekend but you can just imagine the grin of triumph for my first knitted sweater finished in under 1 month.