Sunday, February 11, 2007

Distraction Plan#1: Hey Look What I Got!

No real WIP Weekend Update this weekend as the knitting was not that exciting. I finished the two sides of the Doctor's Bag after getting my shipment from WEBS and I am now reknitting the bottom. Should be seeming next week. The apricot sweater is progressing nicely as well.

What I will distract you with are my new purchases. Now this has been over the course of a few weeks I just neglected to blog about them. So here they are:

Weekend Knitting I have wanted for a while and got for 40% off at Michaels, The Interweave magazine which I have to make the Half Dollar Sweater, and the Fast Quilts for Fat Quarters Book because I am taking a quilting class so I might as well start the hoarding and collecting early.

The highlights of my recent purchases were the Phildar Magazines which I got for 40% off and were received really quickly after placing the order. Items I plan to knit are:

I also got Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters which I think is an excellent resource. I have other finishing books but each one has their own unique perspective on things. I figure if I get two or three new ideas from it, it is worth being in my collection. This one has a section on lining jackets, zippers and taking care of garments. Yeah you can get this on the internet or from a variety of other finishing books but I like the presentation in this one.

Confession time...I have very little news to share on knitting because I have been doing this:

Amy Butler Clutch from In Stitches

My excuse is that I started my 16 week beginning sewing class this weekend. I temporarily have to bug for sewing. I think it may go back into hibernation come Monday but for now, I hope to finish this bag this weekend.


Kim said...

Excellent aquisitions at excellent prices.

I have the same finishing techniques book, and I agree. You can't have too many as they have all proven useful in one way or another.

tiennie said...

Oohhh books - I love them as much as yarn and fabrick. Very great purchases!

Cyndi said...

I'm going to check out the Fast Quilts From Fat Quarters book... I've been on a sewing kick lately too. Also, must get AB's In Stitches. :)

Mrs. Hipp said...

Interweave arrived to me on Friday and I have been drooling over the Half Dollar Sweater ever since. You should start a knit-along!

Lynne said...

Monique. I just bought Finishing Techniques. I just bought yarn to make the Dollar and A Half Sweater! Too spooky... When are you going to start yours?

Rebekah said...

Looks like some lovely books, I like the Weekend Knitting, just have never purchased it.

Have fun sewing!