Sunday, February 04, 2007

WIP Weekend Update - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Apricot Jacket: The jacket is making lot of progress both forward and backward this week. I finished the back and one sleeve so far. I love the sleeve as I was pretty consistent with the stitches and it went pretty quickly as I was truly in tune with the pattern.

I learned a few things on this sleeve:
  1. Learned a new increase as I wanted them to be a little more discrete then the M1 and Bar increases. So I executed the Lifted or Raised increase. I think it looks pretty darn good. Actually it looks so good I can't really see it so that is even better
  2. I have hated the stepped bind offs that occur with just binding off stitches so I took the suggestion made on the Rebecca site for a smoother edging on shoulder shaping and this is what I got:

Me likey!!

However, with all the progress made on the sleeve, I made none on the back. In fact I reverted back to the ribbing! I figured I would frog to the neck since the neck shaping was all wonkey. Then I realized I did the arm hole shaping wrong, so I would have to frog back to that point. And, since I was doing all this frogging, I thought I would take it one step further as I didn't like the length of the ribbing since it was too long and accentuating the not so posterior. So I now have about 15cm of ribbing on the back instead of the finished 60cm back panel. Oh well, I am not feeling that bad about it since this was pretty darn quick for me to knit up the first time. It can only look better the second time.

Doctor's Bag: The Doctor is out this week since I am still waiting for the 2 extra skeins I needed from WEBS. I still need to frog the bottom and reknit it so I am not too excited about that. Maybe more news next week on this one.


tiennie said...

It really does look fantastic! Great job on your new skills.

Nora said...

I've been wanting to knit this for a while. I think you may have inspired me to start.