Saturday, October 14, 2006

S.O.S - I Need an Intervention

Thank you all for you wonderful comments on my Sunrise Circle Jacket both here on my blog and on Craftster. I have never had such compliments showered upon my knitting. I am such a sucker for a compliment and I have to admit that I am smiling from ear to ear like a proud momma.

This leads me to my next problem. The need for yarn. It came over me late last night while knitting the first of two Fetching gloves and trying to figure out what to do with my Saturday. With no plans on the horizon the thought of the Yarn Lady popped into my head.

"NOOOOOOO!!!!!" I screamed (actually it was pretty quiet because this is still all in my head) because Yarn Lady = potential bankruptcy. I would go in search of sock yarn only to find more things to buy. I might even actually be good enough to escape with nothing and then that brings me to the internet.

"NOOOOOOO!!!!!" I screamed again. Because my desire for more of the Knitpicks Options Needles is just as great as my need for more Elann Yarn - Baby Cashmere and the new color cards for Sierra Aran and Pure Alpaca. I am on a sinking ship here. One that is already filled with cotton, wool, and various other fibers that are already in my stash. I need an intervention because I obviously do not have the strength to help myself.

Something has got to give...and it's probably going to be my wallet. Send help soon!


Cookie said...

The sunrise jacket is beautiful! I especially love the picture with the umbrella.

I know I need an intervention. My brother has joked about it, but he lives too far away to do anything about it. Teehee, I'll just knit in anticipation.

Calista Yoo said...
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Calista Yoo said...

Oh..thank God that I'm living the opposite side of the country. The bag sale of Yarn Lady sounds so tempting,that I might have to starve for months if I were living near the are!

Angela said...

Your Sunrise Circle Jacket is gorgeous--looks great on you. I was trying to find your email address so can send you the Chinese Lace pullover schematic, but I don't see it on your blog (and I don't know your name! so can't look up your pattern order email).