Saturday, November 11, 2006

Material Girl

...and I am living in a material world as I am a collector. Of what you say? Of just about everything. Not to the extent that people will see newspapers piled to the ceiling when I die (it would actually be more like magazines anyway), but I do have a sizable collection of things that are either past or present hobbies/loves/future careers. I will give you a peak into the madness. Please be warned that quantities viewed in pictures are only a fraction of the true extent of the problem..I mean collection

You all know I stash yarn...I am a knitter for God's sake! I would not be able to hold my head up in blogger land without a stash bordering on S.A.B.L.E (Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy.

So I guess I also have C.A.R.E.S (Cookbooks Approaching Ridiculous Eating Standards). Here is a small glimpse of my cookbooks and magazines that I acquired during my desire to be a cook. I loved cooking but it just did not pay the bills.

P.A.L.M.S(Photography Love Accentuating Material Stashing). Here is a little of my photo magazine and book collection. PDN is such a great trade magazine. I took classes after college and continue to take classes on and off to improve my skills. I have been kicking around the idea of going back to get my Associates/Bachelors in Photography. Still thinking on that though.

So there should be no surprise that I have contracted F.A.U.N.A.S (Fabric Acquired Under New Addiction Stimulus). Since I am rapidly approaching the end of my sewing class, with only one more class to go, I thought I would show you a WIP picture of my sewing.

Look at those stitches...on a curve no less!! Given I was sewing as slow as a molasses after my debacle on the second day of class but man am I proud.

I have been web/blog surfing and finding new sewing ideas but of course this requires a machine. I hope to squash my urge for a machine by using my mom's old White Sewing Machine until I decide if this is a permanent addiction. But the true addiction is the fabric.

Such wonderful colors and patterns. There was a 30% off sale at my local craft store and I bought these beauties, along with In Stitches by Amy Butler which has seemingly easy patterns for the beginning seamstress. I should break out my badge now for my support group

"Hi my name is NubianCraftster and I have a problem. I am a chronic collector..."


Hayley said...

Oh my god your sewing is perfect! I am sooo jealous! How did you do the curve so "seamlessly"? Seriously.
I also have the Amy Butler book, but have no sewing maching to try anything out yet. Plus my curves look like I was sewing drunk.


crafty chica said...

congrats on your sewing class! i want to be able to learn how to use a machine, i always stitch by hand, and it kills me. once i tried to use my mom's machine but turned out that i am a bit shy to use it in front of her so all i did was to free stitch then i took that fabric to make a handstitched bag and it looked kinda cool with free stitched fron panel, like i did it intentionally.. lol. what i am trying to say is your seams look fab.. and welcome to the collector's world.. :)

Nora said...

I love your book collections. Thanks for sharing. x

Nik said...

join the club. and congrats on the sewing efforts. I definitely need to practice my sewing skills more.

Deborah said...

So far we share the same addictions except for gardening (which I've recently overcome) and cooking (i'd rather be knitting than making deglazed pan gravy for teenagers who would rather put mayo on rice) and the thing I would truly like to learn - sewing. Love those corner shots!