Thursday, December 14, 2006

Finished Object: Fetching Gloves

Berrocco Pure Merino in Chocolate Brown
Inspiration: Fetching Gloves
Needles: Size 5 for the wrist, Size 6 for the rest
Yardage: 1.5 Balls
Modifications: I knit another cable twist at the top of the glove to lengthen it a bit and did a regular cast off instead of the picot bind off. Below you can see the modifications clearer

with the Birthday Girl playing peek-a-boo

Enjoyment Factor: 7
  • The Good: These gloves are in the instant gratification as they work up so quickly, that is if you don't stop on them like I did. I also really liked how the cables came out. I decided to bind off regularly as I didn't like how the picot bind off flared. Lastly the yarn! Oh, the yarn was like butter! It is thick and soft and very swishy. I would definitely recommend it and plan on making some hats as Christmas gifts out of it.
  • The Bad: Picking up those damn thumb stitches. Know I have done gloves AND a Lady Eleanor Stole which should make me a Kung Fu Master at picking up stitches but I swear I must have knit and reknit the thumb at least 6 times because I was dissatisfied. This project also took longer than it should have because I put down the project (1) becauseI am a procrastinator so I figured I had a month until I really needed to finish as her birthday was not until this month and (2) THAT DAMN THUMB!! I also should have continued on the size 5 needles for the remainder of the gloves so that it had a snugger fit (my hands are gianormous so I should have known to go down a bit). They are not bad by any means I just noted this for the future...besides my gift recipient still liked them and that is what matters.
  • The Ugly:Nothing really. I really like how the gloves turned out, with a little help from double stitching over the slight holes that were left after picking up the thumb stitches.
Knit Time: November 7 - December 12


Nora said...

Love 'em... and the first pic is absolutely divine! x

deedeenet said...

I've only been knitting fetching these past few weeks. I've made 5 pair so far out of various yarns. It really become second nature after a couple of pairs. You'll be knitting them blindfolded in no time!

Leah said...

Great fetchings! I especially love how you posed with them! :)

Mrs. Hipp said...

Oooh, so pretty! I have 75% of one pair and 60% of another pair of Fetchings done and also found that the tops needed extra length and a plain cast off to look right. Nice work! I need to get to work on finishing my pairs...

nod said...

Where did you get the yarn? Locally or on-line? My SP would love some, so I was wondering if you found it around here.