Friday, January 12, 2007

Two Timing

As my fellow SnBers have discovered, I am a pretty monogamous knitter. I do not carry too many WIPs because (1) I have an insatiable urge to finish once I start a project and (2) if I become distracted at all I have a tendency to forget about it and feel guilty while knitting something new. So I normally keep it simple and "git 'er done".

However, I was carrying around a ball of the Samoa I got at the Yarn Lady Bag Sale and decided to swatch for Marnie from Hot Knits. I have had this book in my knitting library for some time so I was glad to find a fitting match to my new yarn.

It is a pretty simple pattern and is working up quickly. Please do not smite me knitting gods for saying that. I just started it last night after my eyes kept wandering from my Jaywalkers to surrounding projects. The second Jaywalker sock is almost done so my attention is definitely somewhere else. Besides, I already know what they look like from the first sock, so there is no mystery there. Probably why I won't be too obsessed with sock knitting.

Anyway, I leave you with a picture of the stitch pattern this sweater calls for:

Pretty simple and it finally got be off by duff to figure out cabling without a needle. I know...I know... Everyone has already proclaimed the eye-opening effect of cabling without a needle, but I am a slow bloomer. Sue me! Actually please don't...I don't have enough money for yarn AND a defense lawyer.

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Leah said...

Wow! That cardigan has a great stitch pattern! I love the color you chose. It's going to be fantastic all knit up!

I applaud you for your ability to be monogamous! I wish I were better at it. *sigh*