Sunday, January 07, 2007

Yarn + Money = Broke OR Why Not To Buy Yarn 2007

When I saw this button I knew I had to have it. It exemplifies my goals for 2007. Since calculating ball of yarn just seemed too much of a trial I decided to track and calculate my destashing another way. I would use the tried and true scale to determine stash fitness. Since the home scale would not have been that great for this task, I borrowed one from work.

This is the stash as of 1/7/07

34.50 LBS of yarn

The sad part of this is that on August 2006 I said:

"Thus my resolution begins... On this August 4, 2006 I, Monique, fight the urge to buy yarn as much as is possible for an obsessive personally and will bust at least half of this stash before this time next year. This includes any new yarn so that I am at 50% capacity by next year."

Umm...folks, this is the same resolution I have right now and if I had measured the stash back then it would have weighed much less. But with a new resolve,